Organisers of Mind Body Soul Well-being Fairs,
 Workshops & Spiritual Classes
Essex & Suffolk

Purple Feather Events

  Organisers of Mind Body Soul
Holistic Fairs throughout
Suffolk and Essex 

Venture Centre, Bromley rd, Lawford, Manningtree CO11 2JE

10am -4pm

Crystal Sanctuary - Selling Crystals - Huge range of Tumbles, lg rough pieces, shaped Angels, spheres etc, Salt Lamps

Tracey - Selling Copper/ Chainmaille, beaded Jewellery

Eileen - selling Herbal products, winnan goods etc

Clare - Selling various gifts

June & Kim - selling various gifts

Linda - Selling DoTerra Oils for wellbeing

Pat - selling CBD products for wellbeing

Catherine - selling Weleda organic skincare & herbal products

Gloria - selling hand knitted gifts

Nadene - selling Magnetic products

Tim - selling forever living aloe Vera

Adrienne - selling Lavender products & pre loved bits

Sue - selling upcycled goods handcrafted

Claire - selling various gifts

Julia - selling Art

Elise- life coach & Louise Hay books etc

Jill - selling sparkly suncatchers

Chiara - Crystal Bed experiences

Phyl - Kundalini healing

Sarah - selling new clothes for ladies

Kevin - aura interpetations Aura photos with optional reading

Katie - Reflexology or Rahanni

Lorren - aura drawings

Jo - Indian Head Massage or spiritual healing

Sandra - Crystal Healing

Julie - Kinesiology

Ian - Numerology readings

Cathey Flynn - Reader

Maureen Flynn - Reader

Steve Gill - Reader

Dave - Reader

Mandy - Reader

Simon - Hand crafted wood products

FREE workshops

11am Mediumship by Maureen

12.15 Essential Oils & Emotional Wellbeing by Linda

1.30 The power of numbers, how they have a powerful effect on your life whether you are aware of them or not by Ian

2.30 Mastering the Inner Game of Self Healing by Aaron Timms

Food from the kitchen as always