Organisers of Mind Body Soul Well-being Fairs
Essex & Suffolk

Purple Feather Events

  Organisers of Mind Body Soul
Holistic Fairs throughout
Suffolk and Essex 

Welcome to Purple Feather Events


Bringing Love & Light into the community

We want you to have a lovely day out at a place that you can find peace, love & wellbeing. some where you can come along with a friend or on your own to relax and re-charge your batteries.
Enjoy some healing with one of the many wonderful therapists at the fairs, have an insightful reading, or just do some holistic shopping. you can always take the weight off your feet and enjoy some food & drink whilst deciding which free workshop/talk to attend. We always donate monies to various charities. Our current charity being The Brain tumour Charity.

Upcoming events....


90 Sat 6th August Weeley

91 Sat 3rd September Lawford

92 SUNDAY 6th November Lawford

93 Sat 3rd Dec Weeley


94 Sat 4th Feb Lawford

95 Sat 4th March Weeley

96 Sat 1st April Lawford

97  Sat 13th May Weeley

98  Sat 1st July Lawford

99 Sat 5th August Weeley

100 Sat 2nd September Lawford

101 Sat 4th Nov Weeley

102 Sat 2nd December Lawford